6 Tools to Simplify Refurbishing Furniture


Tools are an essential part of refurbishing furniture. It is so satisfying when you refurbish a piece of furniture, and it looks like it’s from a magazine. Planning plays a big part in Refurbishing furniture. There is nothing worse than starting a job and realizing you don’t have the tools you require. I recently spent two weekends restoring an ancient trunk that I inherited from one of my grandmothers. The trunk is a stunning solid wood, sturdy piece of furniture and it has amazing packing space.

There was a couple of things that would have been a lot harder to do if I didn’t have the right tools. So I have made a list of Items to help you if your planning on refurbishing a piece of Furniture.

The picture below is my trunk before and after.

Tool No.1 – Safety First – Dust mask

Living in New Zealand, safety is always the number one priority. The trunk I refurbished was varnished, so I had to sand it down before I could paint it. Sanding a piece of furniture can be quite messy. Get yourself a dust mask so that you don’t breathe in all the dust when you’re sanding.

A mask does wear out, so if you see it’s getting quite dirty, grab a new one. Putting on a mask when you are using spray paint or even if the paint fumes get to you is also a good idea.

Tool No. 2 – Electric Sander – Sand paper

If I didn’t have an electric sander, it would have taken me twice as long to sand the trunk. An electric sander is particularly useful when you have a big piece of furniture to sand down.

For varnish or multiple layers of paint, you would need a low-grit sandpaper. Sand them down until you see the natural wood.

With certain paints, they say you don’t have to sand the furniture, but it makes the paint last longer if you sand it down, even if it’s just a little bit to help the paint stick.

It’s also handy to have a high-grit sandpaper to remove thin layers of varnish or paint.

I used a Ryobi 1 Plus sander which is a great 3 in 1 tool and worked well for curved edges, find more information on how to use an electric sander here.

Tool No. 3 – Track cloth

A track cloth is a piece of fabric that gets treated with a sticky residue that picks up the dust and dirt. It’s way more efficient than a standard dish cloth. This cloth makes sure there is no excess dust on your furniture before painting it.

Tool No. 4 – Paint Roller and brushes

The paint roller is my favorite because it paints more evenly and quicker than a brush. Decide on the size paint brushes you’ll need. If you are doing a large piece of furniture, a paint roller is a way to go but if there are small details or you have to do edges you would need a smaller paint brush.

You can use good fancy brands of rollers and brushes, but I bought mine from the two- dollar store, and they work great. If you are just starting out, don’t spend a fortune on brushes.

Tool No. 5 – Chalk paint

Chalk paint has made life so much easier when refurbishing furniture because you don’t need a primer when your use chalk paint to paint your furniture. There are many different varieties, and you can even make your own, but my favorite is Annie Sloan.

Annie Sloan has a broad range of colors and most shops that sell Annie Sloan chalk paint have many other awesome goodies to enhance your furniture piece. It is an easy to use chalk paint and has never failed to succeed my projects.

Tool No 6 – Wax

Wax is like a sealant/top coat, but it’s for chalk paint. The wax is also great if you want a raw type of look like what I’ve done with my trunk. I just sanded down the middle part, wiped it down and waxed it so that it has that modern vintage look.

Wax keeps your paint from peeling. You can get different colors of wax so that if you want some darker accents here and there, you can add those darker features with your wax.

Let me know if you have any questions on Refurbishing your furniture, hope you found some help in getting the right tools for the job.

I’m sure you will be creating a master piece in no time.

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