Bohemian Party

Feathers, flowers, pastel colors, sugar, and spice; these are the things to create a Bohemian party that is more than just nice. Wow your girl for her next birthday Party with this beautiful modern theme. New

The primary focus for this Bohemian party was the Candy table. There’s not much a girl needs to satisfy her expectations. Throw in some lollies, cake, and doughnuts and make it look beautiful. A Bohemian Party is all about feathers, pastel colors and rustic touches.

My sister’s girl turned 10, and she thought she was not a little girl anymore and tried to create a party that was more age appropriate. We used a tree branch that she found in the garden and wrapped some fairy lights around it, and hung the dream catchers from the branch for the back drop of the Candy table. We then use two of most items on either side of the cake to display all the candy.

Bohemian Party Candy Table Essentials

  • Dream catchers/ Find some DIY ones here
  • Tree branches/ Stag horns, we just borrowed the ones in the pictures from a friend
  • Feathers
  • Cake
  • Candy that matches your color theme
  • Flowers
  • Candy Jars

For the cake, we cut out some triangles from two different colored fondants and made a rope like braids from colors. We cut out feathers and places those on the cake to fit in with the theme.

What is a Bohemian party without a thank you gift? We bought coloring books from the two dollar store, and they fit in with the bohemian style perfectly.  Attach a thank you note, and a lolly stick and your friends will have something to remind them of your fabulous party.


For activities, the girls had two movies lined up, and they had a lovely set of mattresses and cushions to crash on. The girls filled their candy bags and watched movies. The next morning my sister made them some pancakes for breakfast and finished off the great event.

Free Printable (Click on image to download)

Hope you found some inspiration for your next Birthday party.




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