How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? Well if not I’ll repeat it.


My favorite part is giving. Have you ever searched DIY gifts and you see all these beautiful ideas? Then when you start looking at how to make them, you realize it costs a fortune?

At the price to just buy everything you need to start making your gift, you might as well buy something.

One of my favorites is the DIY jars. You can use these Jars for almost anything. The most beautiful one for me is the one with the drawer knob at the top of the Jar. But these knobs can cost anything from $4 to $10 for pretty crystal ones.

So I have come up with my Idea on how you can make these stunning Jars for Less than $10. The price includes all your materials, Jar, and even some individual jar fillings.

The supplies for DIY Christmas Jars

How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10

Glass Jars

It is up to you what size Jar you would like to buy. I have done two different sizes in my tutorial, one for bath salt and one for caramel slice. If you want to fill your Jar with Bigger items you would need a bigger Jar. Jar Prices range depending on the size. I got the medium size one for $2 at the two dollar store, and the smaller one was $1.

How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10


Depending on how you would like to decorate your jar, you can use whatever you feel like using. I decided on some metallic trimmings that I also got from the two dollar store at $1.70. These metallic trimmings is enough for three years DIY gifts. 😉

I even got chalkboard labels that I could cut out. I thought that it gives the feeling of Christmas and shows your special handmade gift with a custom sticker.

Christmas tree decorations– I bought a set of four crystals that are meant to hang on your Christmas tree.

They were $2 for 4. The crystals already have a hole in that you will use when making the handle for your DIY Christmas Jar.


  • Nails
  • Side cutter to cut off the head of the nails
  • Sharp knife or a drill for the hole in the lid
  • Gorilla clear bond ( glue to set the nail on the back of the lid of the jar.)

How to assemble your DIY Christmas Jar

How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10

1. Remove the lid and place it on a flat surface.

2. Find the center and drill or carve a hole in the middle big enough for the crystal to go through just enough so that the nail can go through the holes of the crystal to secure it.

3. Put glue around the nail so that it won’t move or slip out. Leave it to set.

4. Decorate your Jar and fill with your desired fillings.

Finished Result

How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10

10 DIY Christmas Jar Filling ideas

Some of the ideas have links to even more great ideas. Get the creative juices flowing. 😉

  1. Candle
  2. Bath Salt
  3. Cookie mix
  4. Homemade shortbread
  5. Small blocks of slices (like my Jar)
  6. Pamper Jar ( lipgloss, nail polish, eyeshadow, etc.)
  7. Lollie Jar
  8. Decorative Jar
  9. Stationary Jar (pens, pencils, highlighter, eraser, etc.)
  10. Quotes Jar

How to make stunning Christmas Jars for less than $10

I had so much fun making my Jar, and it’s always so satisfying when an idea is successful. Hope you found some ideas too.

Make sure you pin this for future reference! 🙂

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