What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a board or a wall you fill with inspiring ideas, goals, and dreams. Your vision board printable is below. A Board that motivates and inspires you working towards targets and goals.

You can use a magnetic or chalkboard or even create your own with simple cardboard that you cover with lovely fabric. Then you just fill your board with images, motivational quotes, color swatches of your dream house, magazine clippings and almost anything that inspires you.

The idea of having a vision board is to have it in a place where you see it every day. A place where the moment you see it, you feel inspired. Kind of an instant reminder of where you are going and what your plan is to get there. A constant motivation when life gets you down.

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Throughout the months or years, you can change your vision board. It is great also to write and mark the goals you have achieved, and that will show you how much you grow. Seeing the things you’ve achieved will motivate you to keep on working towards those big dreams.

Vision boards can add a funky look to your home office or even in the kitchen. Not only will it now inspire you but you also have a funky piece of art.

Hope you enjoy these vision board printable’s!

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  1. Elaine | thisgratefulmama.com | 2nd Aug 17

    These are so lovely! Looking forward to using them! Thanks!

    • Marijon | 3rd Aug 17

      Thank you, Elaine. Hope you have fun.

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