I want you to find inspiration and feel motivated by what life has in store. I like to compare our life with the cycle of the Butterfly. Change your thoughts, start your day in the right way.

In every cycle of our lives, we tend to get to a point where we feel, uninspired, unmotivated and tired.

The mere thought of getting up in the morning causes us to cringe. What is the purpose of this rat race we find ourselves in daily? Sometimes the cocoon feels like it’s getting too small, but it’s just us growing. The Lord is busy recreating us into the most beautiful butterfly we can be.

On this blog, you will find inspiration on every faithful woman’s lifestyle issues. Feel inspired by life again.


Woman seem to think they have no control over their feelings, but deep down I think we do. Thus to change the way you feel, you have to change your thoughts. With the help of God and the Holy Spirit in you, it is possible to manage to feel inspired again. Take one step at a time.


Feel Inspired. Change your outlook on life.

Butterfly Inspiration

As children, we, use to spend hours listening to stories about Jesus. Children believed, without a doubt, no questions asked. We said prayers before we went to bed, we sang songs about Him and loved him. We lived life to the fullest, made the best of every day, children lived as free as butterflies.

Yet now that we all grown up, or stories have become less free. The butterfly is feeling a bit more like a worm and that’s such a shame. Sometimes we feel like dead eggs in the cycle of the butterfly and other times like a cocoon that can’t breathe. Other times we feel on top of the world, we can spread our wings and fly through the blue sky.

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This life cycle gets me thinking, this life of the butterfly is such a great metaphor for our lives. Every cycle of our life has a different phase. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, there is life in the egg and cocoon phase. Even though we feel caught up in this cocoon phase and powerless, it is in these next moments that the miracle happens. Something amazing that God has in store for us, exactly at the right time.

Butterfly Kisses

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