One year ago my husband and I made a big move and dramatically changed our lives.
We decided to move from South Africa to New Zealand. 
The mere thought of moving away from everything I know made me feel like crying, so I left all decision-making first in God’s hands and secondly in my husbands.
Once we decided that we will try to make the move the list was:

The job part was quite easy as a little old hairdresser was on the Essential Skills list. The next step to sell the house, as the market was not looking very good for selling at the time. We had to get the house on the market as soon as possible because we would need the money for the move. Applying for visas is a hard task when you don’t know anything about immigration. Doing a lot of research is the key if you are applying by yourself and not using an immigration adviser.

Eventually, our visas were in progress, and the timeline was 25-30 days. In this time our house got sold at an unbelievable price considering we only had the house for two years. Because of the house selling so quickly we had the real-estate agent place a condition to visa approval in the contract. Just as a backup plan for us if we do not get approval for our visas.

Are we there yet?

“Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me” Psalm 119:133 (NIV)

Only after I’ve seen how great the Lord’s plans are I think “Silly old humans.” My husband and I sat a restaurant one evening; I said: “we can’t say we trust God to guide our path if we still make our backup plans.” Our decision that night was to remove the condition on selling our house and let God guide our way. If the house sold and we don’t have visas, there will be a better plan.

January 2016 we had no home, no jobs, no idea where our visas are at, and the human instinct was fear. Every evening we would pray for an answer to know where this path is heading until one morning the phone rang. God heard every single prayer as our visas were approved.

Four days after that phone call, our feet hit New Zealand soil.

Because we trusted in God, our journey thus far has been perfect.

Psalm 119:133, My story the big move, Flowering Butterfly About Page

 Where are we now?

A couple of months before we made our move I changed my work direction. I used to work for a Wedding venue and loved every minute of it. Thus going back into hairdressing was not my ideal idea but the change of environment was a new adventure. My passions are but not limited:

I  always get bored when I feel I’m stuck just exploring one. After considering what steps next as having a business, it will have to be one of my passions, and I can’t do them all. Then my husband suggested blogging. You can express all of your passions in one place and have people share your passions with you, and so flowering butterfly was born.

More about me.

My husband inspired me to start this blog, and He has been the most excellent support in everything I do.

Since I have learned a couple of things about blogging, it has become my favorite thing to do. Now I find myself on social media more than ever and spend my days off working on this blog.

Mom is my role model and my hero; she is the most incredible woman I have ever met. I feel so blessed to call her Mom.

I love making things look pretty, shopping, decorating my house and helping others to feel good about themselves. Starting this blog has taught me so much, and I made new connections that I probably never would have if I still lived in South Africa.

Favorite place so far in New Zealand is Hot water beach. Ever since my husband and I found this little gem, I have been there every time I had the opportunity.

Besides missing family and friends, I miss our two puppies the most. If I ever make a lot of money, I would love to bring them over to live with us in New Zealand. 🙂

I would like to build a relationship with you and hope you stick around for some inspiration in every aspect of your life.

Butterfly Kisses