Tips for ultimate volume in your Hair

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Everyone loves a beautiful red carpet blow wave, but it’s not that easy when you have to get volume in your hair by yourself.

I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine and lacks volume. So I have tried many things and not all products and equipment work. I have made a list of the things that I used to work for me, and I hope that they work for you too.

Products for Volume

Kerastase Densifique Bain Densite and Fondant Densite (Shampoo and Conditioner) - SetDensifique by Kerastase – This is shampoo and Conditioner that guarantees 33% more hair on your head if you use the whole system. I just used the shampoo and conditioner, and I could feel a difference in my hair after one wash. Densifique is made for people that want more hair but works amazingly for volume too. This shampoo and conditioner expand your hair strands, and that is what makes your hair feel thicker which then creates more volume.

Goldwell Kerasilk Repower Volume Blow-Dry Spray 120mlsKerasilk Repower by Goldwell – My favorite product in this range is the blow wave spray. Unlike a hair mousse that makes your hair feel sticky and on long hair mousse weighs your hair down. This blow wave spray is light weight and feels like you have nothing in your hair but adds massive amounts of volume. They have a whole range that complements the Blow dry spray like Shampoo, conditioner, plumping cream and treatments.

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Indola Innova Finish Strong Spray 500mlHair spray – If you would like your volume blow wave to last then you would need hairspray. Indola Non- aerosol is the hairspray I like to use. It sets my hair very well and lasts the whole day. If you like aerosols, then you could also try Big Finish by Goldwell or Indola has an aerosol hair spray as well.

Essential Tools for volumized Hair

Big Brush– When I blow-dry my hair I like to use a big brush because it is easier to handle and gives me more volume. Another great tip when dying your hair is to start drying your hair off by throwing your head forward to lift the roots. The secret to volume is to over direct your hair upwards because this gives your hair root lift which creates volume.

Good Hairdryer If you have a little hair dryer with low power you will struggle with your blow wave. You want a hairdryer with good heat settings and power to dry your hair.

Rollers– Velcro rollers are good to use after you blow-dry a section of your hair, place a roller in that piece. Using the rollers gives your hair time to set from being heated to cooling down. The rollers will make your blow wave last longer.

If you don’t have rollers and considering buying some, rather invest in some click and curl brushes. These brushes are fantastic for blow drying, and you can just click the handle out and leave the brush in your hair.

Teasing comb– Sometimes we just have fine hair that just doesn’t want to have natural volume. For these cases, we have the teasing comb. I think that people assume that to tease is old school and you will end up looking like love and marriage. But this all depends on how much you tease. Teasing your hair is a great way to add volume to fine hair.

Quick tip- When you start to dry your hair, throw your head upside down to give root lift!

Hope you get fabulous volume filled hair.

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