What type of woman are you? Learn how to be the woman everyone wants to be

What type of woman are you?

I often wonder what kind of woman I am. What has made me who I am today? My sister gave me a little book on my husband and my one year Wedding anniversary that opened my eyes to the general woman of today.

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The question is whether you’re a moth type of woman or a wildflower? Weird I know but bear with me as I explain. She explains that the moth of all creatures has the worst personality and the least character. In nature, you find animals like the butterfly that becomes this beautiful creature from being a worm. A chameleon has a way of her own. The ant makes a plan to get to the sweet food. But a moth is like dust, it eats away on your curtains and disintegrates under your fingers. A moth doesn’t educate her children, so they become a burden to the community.

Thus what person wants to surround themselves with a moth?

On the other side you have a wildflower, that regardless of what the circumstances. They have the best personalities, and you can find them is the darkest most desolate places. It’s incredible that a flower can grow in the worst circumstances and still survive. Everyone feels kind and cheerful when in the company of a wildflower. Compare this stunning wildflower to the moth.

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Have you ever seen a two of moths having a friendly chat? Now, look at the wildflowers and how they all close groups of girlfriends as far as your eyes can see. They are flowers that stand together, support each other. They raise their children with smiles and want everyone around them to be happy. The more children they have, the more satisfied every one gets as they create a beautiful colorful world around them.

Blessed are the people who live with a modern woman who lives with a wildflower attitude!

It happens daily

Our world doesn’t need a plague of moths. What we need is the world full of wildflowers. The people around us – our husbands and children – become unmotivated with a with a woman who exchanges her wildflower heart with that of moths, this is often the reason why men don’t want to be at home or why they make secret phone calls. Why a newly married woman stands in front of her mother’s house with her bag full of clothes.

These days too many young women walk around with a moth attitude. It was planning for the wedding and choosing what colors your bridesmaid dresses were going to be. What dress are you going to wear for your big day? Will you look skinny enough in your wedding gown? But now you find your life partner watching tv the whole day. Woman gets tired of sex quickly, but men never get tired of sex. There is never enough money and find yourself crying ever so often. Realizing you are getting fat fast. Everything is very different from what you imagined marriage would be.

Sometimes you don’t even want to think about the future. You think about the life full of unkept promises, and it is just too much. There are also many women in the world complaining about what life has offered them. Not smiling, not getting out of their tracksuits and making some effort to themselves. Now the choice is in your hands, what do you want to be? A moth woman or a wildflower woman.

What type of woman are you? Learn how to be the woman everyone wants to be

Your choice

No one can blame you for your decision. But a lot of people can suffer or benefit out of your personal preference. How do you think your husband feels about you? What is the atmosphere in your house: a place of yummy food smells and children giggling around the table. Do you feel good about yourself and accept yourself like God knows you and you know him.

If you have a right and uplifting attitude, your whole house will follow. I have heard the moth’s husband has left. The wildflowers husband is on the streets with a smile from ear to ear.

I have tested this theory that the woman is in control of the atmosphere in your house and it is the absolute truth in mine. If I get home from work in a bad mood, the house Eco’s a bad mood. If I get back from work in a good mood, everything in my house is chirpy and friendly.

Don’t get me wrong; there are days when you just don’t feel up to doing anything. Everybody has those days; it is trying to make the best of every situation that makes you a wildflower. We are daughters of a King; just that thought is enough to make the best of each day.

Butterfly kisses


  1. Yolandi Nortje | 13th Feb 17

    Motte en Magrietjies most be the one book in my archive that I keep going back to time and time again. An absolute treasure. Well worthe the read! (If only I could get my hands on an English copy to share woth friends)

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